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Slovenia :) with LOVE in its name ;) – first green destination in the world

Slovenia is a perfect destination to visit on a day tour from Zagreb

Grand Slovenia tour from Zagreb

Best of Slovenia tour takes you to three most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia: vibrant Ljubljana, serene Lake Bled and enchanting Postojna cave.

fully private tour
departure every day
Postojna cave sightseeing (train ride included)
Lake Bled sightseeing
Ljubljana city sightseeing

Slovenia tour includes:

  • Free Pick-up and drop off at your accommodation
  • Private Air conditioned transportation by car or minivan
  • Private English speaking licensed tour guide
  • Wi-Fi during the tour
  • Ljubljana sightseeing
  • Visit to Bled lake national park
  • Visit to Postojna cave
  • Licensed tourist guide
  • Easy cancellation
  • Duration 12 hours


  • Gratuities
  • Lunch in local restaurant
  • Coffee break and Bled cream cake tasting
  • Bled castle entrance fees
  • Bled island church entrance fees
  • Bled island pletna boat ride
  • Postojna cave entrance fees

Ljubljana, Postojna and Bled Tour from Zagreb

Best of Slovenia day tour from Zagreb starts when our guide picks you up at your accommodation. After a 2 hour drive, you will arrive at Postojna cave – the most diverse cave system in the world. A visit to the Postojna cave is fully organized. At the entrance to the Cave you choose the language, and the official cave guide is with your group the whole time. The visit includes a train ride to the heart of the Cave and a 5 km of wonderful subterranean world. A part of the sightseeing is done on foot, with ups and downs so be ready for a light physical activity.

After 1 hour drive, our next stop is Bled Lake. Lake Bled is a natural oasis just 55 km from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. The Lake is 2 km long and 1.3 km wide. In the center of the Lake there is a Bled island which you can visit with a traditional boat called Pletna. At the island there is a baroque church dedicated to Assumption of Mary with 99 steps leading to its entrance. Traditionally it is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the steps on the day of their wedding before ringing the bell and making a wish inside the church. If you like you can also visit the old Bled castle with a mesmerizing view of the area. One of the options is  a short coffee break on the shore of the Lake with Bled cream cake tasting.

Our last destination Ljubljana is just 30 minutes away. First mentioned as Ljubljana in the 12th century, the city has a long and rich history. Located in the heart of the country, charming Ljubljana is the cultural, economic, political and administrative center of Slovenia. Several earthquakes made the city a mixture of architectural styles. You will walk on the Ljubljanica river bank, visit Prešern square, The Old city… The most interesting thing in Ljubljana are the numerous bridges with imaginative stories and legends.

Prices for Best of Slovenia day tour

1 279 € 279 €
2 310 € 155 €
3 345 € 115 €
4 360 € 90 €
5 425 € 85 €
6 450 € 75 €
7 490 € 70 €
8 520 € 65 €

* babies and children: Free

Grand Slovenia tour places


Ljubljana is capital of Slovenia Zagreb and just one hour away from Zagreb by car. An old Roman colony turned into a beautiful Slovenian capital, a city of culture, a modern city that lives a vibrant life. In its center, on a small hill, you will visit an old Ljubljana city, a fortress from the middle ages. From the past to the present by walking through the streets of the city surrounded by amazing architecture and friendly Slovenian hosts. It is really good opportunity to take Slovenia private tour to visit Ljubljana, lake Bled and Postojna caves.

Bled Lake, castle, island and cake

There is so much to say about Bled. It is located in the northwestern Slovenia, in the Julian Alps, just 35 kilometers from the capital Ljubljana. The Lake is of glacial and tectonic origin. It is 2120 m long and 1380 m wide. It is surrounded by hills and forests.

Bled castle is, as the records say, the oldest castle in Slovenia, first mentioned in the beginning of the 11th century. It was built on a cliff 130 m above the Lake so it has the spectacular view over the Lake itself but also around the valley and mountain ranges surrounding it. German King Henry II gave it to the bishop von Brixen. It was a center of his estate but he unfortunately never resided there. Now the castle is a museum.

Bled island is the only island in Slovenia. You arrive on the Lake with beautiful wooden boats called Pletna (comes from German word platen – flat-bottomed boat) with a tradition going back to the beginning of the 18th century. Just a 10 minute ride takes you to the island where you can climb 99 steps, visit the church of Assumption of Mary and ring the bell three times to make your wish come true. The church as it is now was built in the end of the 17th century in baroque style but also has some remains of the Gothic period.

Bled cake is a traditional cake you should try. It has actually become a symbol of Bled. Over the last 60 years 12 million cakes has been sold on the Lake so it has to be good.  Golden crust made out of butter dough, delicious vanilla cream (with the right amount of flour), topped with whipped cream and butter dough.

Postojna cave

One of the biggest caves systems in Europe and the biggest one in Slovenia is 25 km long. It was formed  by the river Pivka through a period of 2 million years. The temperature inside is always 9*C.

The most famous inhabitant of the Postojna cave is an olm or baby dragon as people call it. They are the largest cave dwelling animal and they can be without food for up to 10 years. The locals, when they saw this small animal with snow white skin, four legs and a long tail started the story of dragon babies living inside the cave. Everybody wanted to know all about it, scientist explored it so in the end it got a name Proteus Anguinus. Even Charles Darwin wrote about the animal living in the caves of Postojna. These animals can only to be find in Dinara karst area which limits them to Postojna and it’s narrow surrounding region. They have no eyes but can ‘see’ everything through their skin receptors.

Slovenia day tour from Zagreb map



    Do I need my passport for my Slovenia day tour from Zagreb?2021-05-10T13:15:55+00:00

    Yes. If you are an EU resident you need a valid ID and otherwise you need a valid passport.

    Let’s clear a common misunderstanding. Croatia is a member state of the European union but still not a part of the Schengen space which means that the borders are still here and you need a passport/ID to cross them.

    Are the entrance fees included in the total price of Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T14:04:17+00:00

    Our agency policy is not include entrance fees for our tours for several reasons. One reason is that people sometimes decide not to enter a certain destination/attraction and it’s not possible to get a refund. For example, on Lake Bled you can choose between different activities: pletna boat ride to the Bled island, Bled island church sightseeing, Bled castle sightseeing – sometimes our clients just choose one of these attractions and it’s easier to pay on the spot. Postojna cave entrance fees can be bought online (depending on our tour starting time) and with benefits and chosen option included.

    Can I get a refund for my Slovenia day tour if I cancel?2021-05-10T13:17:18+00:00

    Yes, you can get a refund if you decide not to take the tour without any penalties. We would like to ask you that you try to do it at least a day earlier if possible.

    When should I book Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T14:02:33+00:00

    Even though we like our reservations in advance so we can make our plans, we are very flexible with all our reservations, so you can even book the Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb on the day before.

    What should I bring to my Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb?2021-05-10T13:17:40+00:00

    If you are taking our Slovenia Day Tour, please bring comfortable clothing and footwear (appropriate for the season in which you are visiting). If you are coming in summer then you should have sun protection, light clothes, a hat… In the winter time you can expect snow and ice, even a strong wind so winter clothes is a must. In any other time a raincoat in your backpack is a great idea.

    Special conditions are valid for Postojna cave. The temperature inside the cave is always 9*C so in summer months you should have something extra for the cave.

    What is included in the Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:57:40+00:00

    The Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb includes:

    • private car transfer
    • private guide
    • Postojna cave sightseeing
    • Bled Lake sightseeing (Bled Lake, Bled Castle and Bled island)
    • Ljubljana short walking tour
    What is the duration of Slovenia Day from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:57:04+00:00

    The duration of Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb is not fully determined. Why so? It’s because we try to customize the tour to each traveler. The minimum for a basic short tour is approximately 10 hours (minimum 1h for each location). Usually, our tour lasts for 12 – 14 hours  because we give a bit more time at each location. We hate to rush and we give our clients enough time to explore the destinations.

    Does Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb run in the time of Covid-19?2021-04-23T13:56:16+00:00

    The situation with the borders and the travelling requirements in Europe change quite often so please contact us for more detail information. In the times of Covid-19 we run only private tours to limit unnecessary contacts between the travelers. We are extremely careful and all our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each tour.

    What is the price of the Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:55:21+00:00

    The price of the Slovenia Day Tour depends on the number of travelers and goes from 65 EUR. Important notice is that Slovenia tour from Zagreb is free for children and babies.

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