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Croatian hinterland Zagorje region near Zagreb, so called “a fairy tale at hand”, is stuffed with many medieval castles and fortifications. Most popular one is Castle Trakoscan, which takes you back in time to the romantic castle . Architecture, beautiful nature and serenity will make you think we own a time machine that has taken you all the way back to the noble Croatian past.

Join the tour and find out why noble people from all around Europe choose Hrvatsko zagorje to built their summer residences and spectacular castles and to enjoy unique scenery.

Castle Trakošćan Tour

Castle Trakoscan day Tour takes you back in time, to the romantic castle an hour away from Zagreb. Architecture, beautiful nature and serenity will make you think we own a time machine that has taken you all the way back to the noble Croatian past.

Most popular castles around Zagreb

  1. Castle Trakošćan
  2. Castle Veliki Tabor
  3. Varaždin Old castle
  4. Castle Bežanec
  5. Castle Oršić

“Real Life Fairy Tale” – Wamego, Cnsasa, USA, 2011. This amazing castle in northern Croatia is breath taking. It is a quiet little jewel in the mountains far from any city. As we toured there were signs asking for no flash photography but there were no people to be seen. The decor on each floor is for specific centuries. If you desire the time, there is endless history to read and examine. There is an extensive weapon collection. The stone steps down to the kitchen and the courtyard well were my favorites. You can almost hear the past castle residents and guests as your imagination wonders what such life must have been like. As an American the history and idea that such places are “real” is amazing. Thursdays admission is free!!
“Nice romantic renovation – a bit plain in European terms” – Dante, Zagreb, Croatia, 2012. This castle is situated in a quite deserted part of Hrvatsko Zagorje in the middle of a forest and in vicinity of mountains. The castle itself (it’s a Schloss in German, or a chateaux in French) was built in the middle of the middle ages (around 13th century if I remember correctly), but was made into what’s today in the late 19th century as a part of the romantic movement. The interior is made up of original and indigenous furniture and other items spanning eras from the middle ages to 19th century. There’s quite a big armory in the castle with a very nice collection of melee and gunpowder weapons spanning the same eras as the castle itself. The castle was owned by the powerful family the Drašković. All info panels in the castle are in Croatian and English. There’s a very nice lake and walking trail surrounding the castle creating a superb landscape. There are some hiking trails in the vicinity also. The entrance fee is quite small. There’s some food available for purchase in the pontoon restaurant on the lake.
Official web site info about Trakoscan castle

After a meeting at your accommodation we will take a Day tour to the Trakošćan castle. After an hour drive we arrive to the castle where we will take a 45min walk inside the castle talking about its history and original furnishing from the 18th and 19th century.
After the castle you will have a coffee break on the lake surrounding the castle.


  • Licensed tourist guide
  • Car (A/C)
  • Coffee break

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