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Amazing Lake Bled & charming capital Ljubljana Day Trip

Explore Bled castle and Bled island on a day tour from Zagreb

Lake Bled & Ljubljana tour from Zagreb

Join us on a day tour to Ljubljana & Bled. Private tour gives you a bit more time to experience and enjoy the two popular Slovenian destinations. Wonderfull Bled Lake and Ljubljana city – the famous bridges of Ljubljana & the poet Prešeren and his unheard love.

fully private tour
departure every day
Lake Bled sightseeing
Bled castle sightseeing
Bled island sightseeing
Ljubljana city sightseeing

Lake Bled and Ljubljana Tour includes:

  • Free Pick-up and drop off at your accommodation
  • Private Air conditioned transportation by car or minivan
  • Private English speaking licensed tour guide
  • Wi-Fi during the tour
  • Ljubljana sightseeing
  • Visit to Bled Lake
  • Licensed tourist guide
  • Easy cancellation
  • Duration 10 hours


  • Gratuities
  • Lunch in local restaurant
  • Coffee break and Bled cream cake tasting
  • Bled castle entrance fees
  • Bled island church entrance fees
  • Bled island pletna boat ride

Ljubljana and Bled Lake tour from Zagreb

This is a perfect tour for the ones that like to have a bit more time in the destinations they visit. After picking you up at your accommodation, it will takes us a bit over 2 hours to get to Bled Lake. Lake Bled, beneath the peaks of Julian alps, is an image of paradise. There are so many activities you can choose from or you don’t even have to choose and do them all. You can take a pletna boat ride and see the Bled island and the church and ring the bell so your wishes come true. You can take a long walk on the lake shore or visit the Bled castle with a unique landscape view of the lake and the Alps. Bled castle is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. It was first mentioned in the beginning of the 12th century when it was given to Bishop of Brixen. Everybody loves to order the Bled cream-cake and a cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

Just 40 minutes in the car and you are in Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. Ljubljana is beloved, by it’s inhabitants but also the tourists. It connects the roman times, baroque features and seccessionism and the Slavic soul of Jože Plečnik, the architect that marked Ljubljana as it is today. Museums and galleries, pubs along the river and city squares, festivals in the summer time –  in this small city, the streets are always full of people. You can choose to take a walking tour with a local guide or you can explore the city yourself. The Dragon Bridge, the Prešern square, the Old city of Ljubljana… You have enough time to see it all.

Prices for Bled and Ljubljana day tour:

1 275 € 275 €
2 296 € 148 €
3 330 € 110 €
4 360 € 90 €
5 450 € 90 €
6 480 € 80 €
7 490 € 70 €
8 520 € 65 €

 * babies and children: Free

Lake Bled and Ljubljana Tour places

Lake Bled

Slovenia has only one island but its uniqueness makes it more attractive than many an archipelago. Sheltered by picturesque mountains, the island reigns in the middle of an Alpine lake. Its charm has made it a symbol for centuries of a town to which guests from all over the world love to return. This town, which has already existed for a thousand years, is BLED.

On the island in the middle of the lake, the ancient Slavs worshiped Živa, goddess of love and fertility. Pilgrims later came to the church of St Mary on the island. A thousand years ago, on 10 April 1004, the town of Bled was mentioned for the first time when the Holy German emperor, Henry II, gifted it to the Bishop of Brixen. At that distant time, a Roman tower already stood at the top of the cliff rising vertically 100 m above the lake, and it still forms part of the mighty castle that now houses a museum collection. The town flourished in the Middle Ages due to pilgrims, and these were replaced in the 19th century by the first tourists. The Swiss hydropathist, Arnold Rikli, discovered that the gentle climate and the lake and thermal waters are a source of good health and well-being. The local people supplemented the health spa offer with guest houses and hotels.

The town, already famous at the beginning of the 20th century as the most beautiful health spa of the then Austrian empire, attracted the European aristocratic elite. After WWII, one of the most attractive state residences of the former regime was located in Bled. Many of the world’s most important people thus enjoyed the beauties of Bled. And now, for decades already, the pilgrims of the new age have been discovering this town.

Lake Bled simple facts:

*one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe
*Bled castle is considered as the most loveliest wedding venue in Europe
*Lake Bled was considered to be the most beautiful health resort in Austria-Hungary
*The most famous delicacy is a dessert – the Bled Cream Cake (“kremšnita”)


Ljubljana – Capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana is capital of Slovenia Zagreb and just one hour away from Zagreb by car. An old Roman colony turned into a beautiful Slovenian capital, a city of culture, a modern city that lives a vibrant life. In its center, on a small hill, you will visit an old Ljubljana city, a fortress from the middle ages. From the past to the present by walking through the streets of the city surrounded by amazing architecture and friendly Slovenian hosts… MORE ABOUT LJUBLJANA

Ljubljana & Lake Bled Tour from Zagreb



    Do I need my passport for my Slovenia day tour from Zagreb?2021-05-10T13:15:55+00:00

    Yes. If you are an EU resident you need a valid ID and otherwise you need a valid passport.

    Let’s clear a common misunderstanding. Croatia is a member state of the European union but still not a part of the Schengen space which means that the borders are still here and you need a passport/ID to cross them.

    Are the entrance fees included in the total price of Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T14:04:17+00:00

    Our agency policy is not include entrance fees for our tours for several reasons. One reason is that people sometimes decide not to enter a certain destination/attraction and it’s not possible to get a refund. For example, on Lake Bled you can choose between different activities: pletna boat ride to the Bled island, Bled island church sightseeing, Bled castle sightseeing – sometimes our clients just choose one of these attractions and it’s easier to pay on the spot. Postojna cave entrance fees can be bought online (depending on our tour starting time) and with benefits and chosen option included.

    Can I get a refund for my Slovenia day tour if I cancel?2021-05-10T13:17:18+00:00

    Yes, you can get a refund if you decide not to take the tour without any penalties. We would like to ask you that you try to do it at least a day earlier if possible.

    When should I book Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T14:02:33+00:00

    Even though we like our reservations in advance so we can make our plans, we are very flexible with all our reservations, so you can even book the Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb on the day before.

    What should I bring to my Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb?2021-05-10T13:17:40+00:00

    If you are taking our Slovenia Day Tour, please bring comfortable clothing and footwear (appropriate for the season in which you are visiting). If you are coming in summer then you should have sun protection, light clothes, a hat… In the winter time you can expect snow and ice, even a strong wind so winter clothes is a must. In any other time a raincoat in your backpack is a great idea.

    Special conditions are valid for Postojna cave. The temperature inside the cave is always 9*C so in summer months you should have something extra for the cave.

    What is included in the Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:57:40+00:00

    The Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb includes:

    • private car transfer
    • private guide
    • Postojna cave sightseeing
    • Bled Lake sightseeing (Bled Lake, Bled Castle and Bled island)
    • Ljubljana short walking tour
    What is the duration of Slovenia Day from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:57:04+00:00

    The duration of Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb is not fully determined. Why so? It’s because we try to customize the tour to each traveler. The minimum for a basic short tour is approximately 10 hours (minimum 1h for each location). Usually, our tour lasts for 12 – 14 hours  because we give a bit more time at each location. We hate to rush and we give our clients enough time to explore the destinations.

    Does Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb run in the time of Covid-19?2021-04-23T13:56:16+00:00

    The situation with the borders and the travelling requirements in Europe change quite often so please contact us for more detail information. In the times of Covid-19 we run only private tours to limit unnecessary contacts between the travelers. We are extremely careful and all our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each tour.

    What is the price of the Slovenia Day Tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:55:21+00:00

    The price of the Slovenia Day Tour depends on the number of travelers and goes from 65 EUR. Important notice is that Slovenia tour from Zagreb is free for children and babies.

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