One of the biggest caves systems in Europe and the biggest one in Slovenia is 25 km long. It was formed by the river Pivka through a period of 2 million years. The temperature inside is always 9*C. The most famous inhabitant of the Postojna cave is an olm or baby dragon as people call it. They are the largest cave dwelling animal and they can be without food for up to 10 years. The locals, when they saw this small animal with snow white skin, four legs and a long tail started the story of dragon babies living inside the cave. Everybody wanted to know all about it, scientist explored it so in the end it got a name Proteus Anguinus. Even Charles Darwin wrote about the animal living in the caves of Postojna. These animals can only to be find in Dinara karst area which limits them to Postojna and it’s narrow surrounding region. They have no eyes but can ‘see’ everything through their skin receptors.

OUR TIP: Let the force of nature amaze you. Don’t touch anything and give our kids a chance to experience it too.

Postojna cave is a perfect destination for day tour from Zagreb

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