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Plitvice lakes private Tour is the BEST selling tour in Croatia


Plitvice Lakes day tour from Zagreb

Day tour to Plitvice Lakes National park with a few stops along the way. The tour includes a walk and a coffee break at Rastoke millers village and a walk through the amazing Plitvice Lakes. Optional activities are a visit to open air Homeland war museum and cheese tasting.

fully private tour
departure every day
Rastoke millers village sightseeing
Plitvice Lakes sightseeing (boat and bus ride included)

Plitvice day tour from Zagreb includes:

  • Free Pick-up and drop off at your accommodation
  • Private Air conditioned transportation by car or minivan
  • Private English speaking licensed tour guide
  • Wi-Fi during the tour
  • Visit to Rastoke millers village
  • Plitvice Lakes guided tour
  • Easy cancellation
  • Duration 9 hours


  • Entrance fees for the National park Plitvice lakes (boat and bus ride)
  • Croatia Homeland war museum in Turanj
  • Start/end of tour in Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Ljubljana or Istria
  • Coffee break at the Rastoke millers village
  • Local food tasting
  • Lunch in a local restaurant
  • Gratuities

Plitvice Tour from Zagreb

We start our Plitvice private tour from Zagreb at the arranged time from your accommodation or agreed location.

The first location of Plitvice lakes tour is a small village Rastoke, near the city of Slunj.  There you will have a short break for sightseeing, taking photos and a cup of coffee surrounded by the beautiful waterfalls. Rastoke Millers Village is a place with a striking river that transforms into many waterfalls like Hrvoje, Buk and Vilina kosa (Fairy’s hair). Rastoke is actually a great introduction to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Nature and people live in harmony there which is the main reason why Rastoke is also protected by the regional institute for protection of cultural monuments.

We will continue to the Plitvice Lakes National Park and start a tour of the 16 beautiful lakes that includes walks around the park, sailing on the lake by boat and driving with a tourist train. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the most popular park in Croatia and is listed in the UNESCO world heritage list. The Park is a part of the Dinara Karst area which is characterized by carbonate bedrock, numerous karst forms and the rare occurrence of surface flows. The vast amount of water and lake creation in such areas is a unique and precious sight.

After Plitvice lakes you have the option to recharge your energy at a local dairy farm where you can taste many varieties of award winning domestic cheese. The last location to visit is the Croatian Independence War Museum in Karlovac located in the former backyard of a ruined Austro-Hungarian military base.

Fully private Plitvice Lakes Day tour from Zagreb prices

1 269 € 269 €
2 290 € 145 €
3 300 € 100 €
4 320 € 80 €
5 400 € 80 €
6 420 € 70 €
7 450 € 65 €
8 480 € 60 €

 * babies and children: Free

Plitvice Lakes National park

The oldest and the biggest Croatian national park – 16 lakes and waterfalls on the UNESCO heritage list.

Rastoke millers village

Small millers village called ”Little Plitvice” is the best intro to the Plitvice Lakes National park.

Plitvice Lakes day tour from Zagreb map



    What is the price of the Plitvice Lakes Tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:38:55+00:00

    The price of the Plitvice Lakes Tour depends on the number of travelers and goes from 85 EUR. Important notice is that Plitvice Lakes tour from Zagreb is free for children and babies.

    Does Plitvice Lakes Tour from Zagreb run in the time of Covid-19?2021-04-23T13:41:33+00:00

    Plitvice Lakes Tour runs all year round. In the times of Covid-19 we only run private tours to limit unnecessary contacts between the travelers. We are extremely careful and all our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each tour.

    What is the duration of Plitvice lakes national park from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:42:32+00:00

    The duration of Plitvice Lakes National park from Zagreb is not fully determined. Why so? It’s because we try to customize the tour to each traveler. The minimum for a basic short tour is approximately 7 hours (4h drive and 3 hours inside the park). Usually, our tour lasts for 10 – 12 hours  because we add Rastoke millers village sightseeing and we spend 4 to 5 hours inside the Plitvice Lakes national park and a coffee break at Rastoke millers village. We hate to rush and we give our clients enough time to rest and to make those memorable photos.

    What is included in the Plitvice Lakes National park from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:46:14+00:00

    The tour Plitvice Lakes National park from Zagreb includes:

    • private car transfer
    • private guide (with you inside the Plitvice Lakes National park too)
    • Rastoke millers village sightseeing
    • Plitvice Lakes National park sightseeing
    What should I bring to my Plitvice Lakes National park tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:46:56+00:00

    If you are taking our Plitvice Lakes national park tour, please bring comfortable clothing and footwear (appropriate for the season in which you are visiting). If you are coming in summer then you should have sun protection, light clothes, a hat… In the winter time you can expect snow and ice on the paths, even a strong wind so winter clothes is a must. In any other time a raincoat in your backpack is a great idea. Other than that, it’s obligatory to bring a good camera because you will want to take all the possible photos of the stunning Plitvice Lakes National park.

    When should I book Plitvice Lakes tour from Zagreb?2021-04-23T13:48:10+00:00

    Even though we like our reservations in advance so we can make our plans, we are very flexible with all our reservations, so you can even book the Tour to Plitvice Lakes on the same day.

    Can I get a refund for my Plitvice Lakes tour if I cancel it?2021-04-23T13:49:03+00:00

    Yes, you can get a refund if you decide not to take the tour without any penalties. We would like to ask you that you try to do it at least a day earlier if possible.

    Is the entrance fee included in the total price of Plitvice Lakes national park?2021-05-10T13:20:48+00:00

    We don’t include entrance fees for our tours for several reasons. One reason is that people sometimes decide not to enter a certain destination/attraction and it’s not possible to get a refund from the park. The second reason is that if you buy Plitvice Lakes entrance fee online you can use you benefits (if you are retired, a student, children). The tickets can also be bought on the spot, at the beginning of the tour which makes it easier for us depending on the route of the sightseeing that you chose.

    What is the price of an entrance fee for the Plitvice lakes National park on the tour to Plitvice from Zagreb?2021-05-10T13:20:35+00:00

    The prices of the entrance fees for Plitvice Lakes national park vary on the time of the day and the season in which you take the Plitvice Lakes Tour. More info on the ticket prices find at Plitvice lakes National park Price list 2021

    Can I swim inside the Park on my Plitvice Lakes Tour?2021-05-10T13:18:54+00:00

    Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to swim inside the Plitvice Lakes National park because the bacteria that we might bring in the water might damage the unique natural system the Lakes have and which makes them special. But we have a solution for you. We can customize your Plitvice Lakes Tour from Zagreb and include a spot along the way suitable for swimming.

    What route should we take inside the park on our Plitvice Lakes Tour from Zagreb?2021-05-10T13:18:39+00:00

    There are planned routes that you can take inside the park planned by the park management. If you take our day tour from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes, we will, according to your preferences and physical state, plan the best route for you.

    Can you pick me up and return to Zagreb airport after the Plitvice Lakes tour from Zagreb is over?2021-05-10T13:18:20+00:00

    Yes, no problem at all. We can agree on pick up and drop of from the Plitvice Lakes Tour at the time and place that suits you. Just let us know in advance so we can plan your time accordingly.

    Will the guide accompany us inside the Plitvice Lakes national park?2021-05-07T14:21:35+00:00

    Yes, the guide will be with you during the whole tour, including inside the Plitvice Lakes National park. The guide will make the whole sightseeing much easier for you and give you the liberty to focus not on the time schedule but on the enjoying part of the tour.

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