The city of Rijeka is the biggest Croatian harbor and 3rd biggest city in Croatia. The city itself has a different vibe from most of other Croatian cities. The earliest settlement there was Tarsatica fortress, built by the Japodi tribe. The city continued to develop through history. The Hungarian government made Rijeka in the 19th century one of the biggest European ports and powerful industrial center. Interesting fact about Rijeka is that the torpedo was invented in Rijeka by Ivan Luppis and Robert Whitehead who have for that reason made Rijeka a city known to the whole world. Rijeka is known nowadays for one more thing and it is the Rijeka carnival – the most popular carnival in Croatia. Rijeka actually lives for the carnival.

OUR TIP: Take a walk on Korzo, main street, and feel the city vibe.

Rijeka is a Croatian attraction in the Kvarner bay

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