This little tourist destination, with it’s charm, park, architecture, villas, walks along the coast attract tourist from Europe and around the world for the last 160 years. This little town went from a fisherman’s village to an elite holiday destination for the European people. the first holiday house was built in the end of 19th century and it marks the beginning of tourism in Opatija. 40 years later the first hotel was built in Opatija. Opatija was then becoming one of the most famous health destinations in Europe. In 1889 it was pronounced as a climate healing destination. People say that long walks in Opatija have enormous benefits on the respiratory system. For thaT reason Lungomare – a famous walk along the Adriatic sea – is one of the most popular attractions in Opatija.

OUR TIP: You know it, just take a walk.

Opatija is a Croatian attraction, villas and parks

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