Dubrovnik, many times called the pearl of the Adriatic, is known as one of the worlds best preserved medieval cities. It’s Renaissance fountains and facades, are all intertwined with gleaming wide marble-paved squares, steep cobbled streets and houses, all of which have also remained unchanged for centuries. The history of the city began in the 7th century, around the year of 614. A group of refugees from Epidaurus (Cavtat), while fleeing from the Avars who devastated and destroyed their town, formed a new city. Throughout history, Dubrovnik was the only Venice’s rival in the trading business. Dubrovnik tradesmen traded rich ports all over the world, bringing back richness. Maritime trade and ship building became the most important economic branches of the Republic. The moto of the citizens of the Dubrovnik Republic was : Freedom cannot be sold for all the gold. For the government the moto was: Forget private things, take care of the common good. Dubrovnik today is the most visited tourist attraction. The reason for the popularity is not only the rich history and the uniqueness of the city. Another fact is that it was a movie set for the world famous Game of thrones series which attract many fans to the filming locations.

OUR TIP: Take the cable car to Srđ mountain and see the city from a different perspective.

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