The city of Zagreb is located in northwestern Croatia. It stretches from the southern slopes of Mount Medvednica right across the river Sava. For some Zagreb is a vibrant capital and for other is a city built on a human scale – just right. It’s streets never stop buzzing, no matter the season. Even in winter time you can see people having coffee outisde on bar terraces. The legend said it got it’s name in the time of a big drought when a Croatian duke put his sword into the earth and the water started flowing so he said to his soldiers ”Zagrebite! – Scoop the water!”. Even though the area has been inhabited ever since the prehistoric times, the first written mention of the city dates back to 1094. This is when the Diocese of Zagreb was founded. Zagreb began as two settlements (Kaptol & Gradec), divided by a stream. In the 13th century it becomes a free royal city and starts to develop, but not until 1850. the 2 settlements were join in what we call Zagreb today. In 1991. it became the capital of Croatia.

OUR TIP: Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the city vibe.

Zagreb city is the capital of Croatia

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