Tkalčićeva street is one of the most visited streets in Zagreb. Coffees and bars are just lined up one after the other. Once upon a time, the street was actually a creek where the people of both settlements built the mills. The creek was names Medveščak. The people that lived on the street were actually the poor people, servants of Kaptol and Gradec, the 2 Zagreb settlements. It was also known as the street filled with brothels. Prostitution was legal in Zagreb back then and the ladies had a legal obligation to be checked 2 times a week. Since the ladies could not advertise their services they had to find a way to let the people know they are there – the figurine of a dwarf on the window. If the dwarf was horizontal, the lady is busy, of course.

OUR TIP: Take a walk on this street and try some of the local drinks – craft beers, rakija – Croatian schnapps or a Croatian wine.

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