St Mark’s square is one of the most important squares in Zagreb. Not only that is important now, when it’s surrounded with the House of Parliament, the Government of Croatia and the office of Croatian Prime minister, it was important also in the history of Zagreb when all the important decisions were declared there. In the central part of the square there was a pillar of shame where the punishments of the town court were executed. One of the famous events was connected with Matija Gubec, the ”King of Peasants” who was punished on the square for the rebellion he started. It was also a place where the town market were held and it was permitted by the king Bela the IVth. The square is known or the beautiful church of St Mark that is well known for the colorful roof. The tiles are painted with two coat of arms, one of the Kingdom of Croatia,Slavonia & Dalmatia and the other of the city of Zagreb. The church is one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb.

OUR TIP: Check out the works of art inside the St marks church.

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