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Zagreb sightseeing tour by local guides shows you unique locations in Zagreb. A local tour guide will show you the Zagreb way of life.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

Zagreb sightseeing tour

Zagreb is really traveler friendly city. Since most of attractions are situated in the pedestrian zone, many attractions can be reached on foot. Zagreb offer many different things to do for all kind of visitors such as historical and cultural sites, museums, events and musical performances, exciting nightlife, restaurants with tasty food and quality wines, green parks, friendly people…

Zagreb sightseeing info

Capital of an independent Croatia since 1991, Zagreb has served as the cultural and political focus of the nation since the Middle Ages. The city grew out of two medieval communities, Kaptol to the east and Gradec to the west, each sited on a hill and divided by a (long since dried up) river. Zagreb grew rapidly in the nineteenth century, and many of the city’s buildings are well-preserved, peach-coloured monuments to the self-esteem of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nowadays, with a population reaching almost one million, the city is the boisterous capital of a self-confident young nation. A number of good museums and a varied and vibrant nightlife ensure that a few days here will be well spent. Despite a fair sprinkling of Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings, Zagreb is not the kind of city you fall in love with at first sight, and certainly can’t compare with Dubrovnik (or even Split) in the glamour stakes. What the city does offer is a uniquely vivacious café life
and a year-round programme of heavy-duty art exhibitions and at least one genuine cultural flagship in the shape of the recently opened Museum of Contemporary Art. The Croatian capital’s growing reputation for arty fun also extends into its nightlife, with cutting-edge clubs, live gig venues and summer festivals that would put many a central European city to shame. Zagreb is a disarmingly easy place to find your way around, with almost everything of importance revolving around the city’s central square, Trg bana Jelačića. Occupying the high ground north of the square, the Upper Town (Gornji grad) comprises the two oldest parts of the city, Kaptol and Gradec, the former the site of the cathedral, the latter a peaceful district of ancient mansions and quiet squares. Beneath them spreads the nineteenth- and twentieth-century Lower Town (Donji grad), a bustling area of prestigious public buildings and nineteenth-century apartment blocks. Beyond the centre, there’s not much of interest along Zagreb’s suburban boulevards save for the Lauba House art gallery in Črnomerec to the west, and Maksimir Park to the east. Across the River Sava is Novi Zagreb, site of the sleek new Museum of Contemporary Art. Maksimir apart, the main green spaces to aim for are the artificial lakes at Jarun, southwest of the city, and Bundek on the edge of Novi Zagreb. Obvious target for hikers is Mount Medvednica, served by bus from Zagreb’s northern suburbs and an easy trip out from the centre.



Our guide will meet you at your accommodation, then follows drive to Postojna cave, Lake Bled and Ljubljana. You will have enough time to do sightseeing of all three places and coffee break. After you finish your tour guide will take you back to Zagreb.

  • By car: New Zagreb – Vukovar Avenue with the Lisinski concert Hall, The Museum of Contemporary Arts and the rest of Zagreb built in the socialistic era. Mirogoj Cemetery – Zagreb’s main cemetery built in the late 19th century, a resting place of many famous Croats of all religions.
  • On foot: Zagreb Upper and Lower City – the most important and the most beautiful locations of the Old city. From the Lenuci Horseshoe to the Lotrščak Tower with a splendid view on the city.


  • Licensed tourist guide
  • Coffee break during the Zagreb sightseeing tour
  • Car with A/C
  • Free map & brochure

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